Rent a Car with Alamo and Drive Happy™

Register in advance


Accelerated Check-in

At 3 participating locations in Peru, check in up to 48 hours in advance of your rental to experience a low-contact rental process. It takes only a few minutes and is easy to complete.

How does it work

Recieve a email when it's time to check in, about 48 hours before your rental
Provide your driver's license and credit card information, and confirm your rental details
Choose from our optimal protection products and extras
Head to the pick-up location, sign electronically and get on your way in a vehicle baked by our Complete Clean Pledge

¿What bookings are Accelerated Check-in eligible?

  • Personal and business reservations booked in the Alamo website or mobile app or by calling Alamo reservations.
  • Booked at a participating location.
  • Requires a valid credit card.